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Paul McCartney files lawsuit against Sony/ATV over copyright


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"Yoko zOno" (⌒▽⌒)

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Yoko zOno has patent.

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And as of today, I will not listen to any Beatles' songs. Paul and crew made money and now want it back for free from Sony who paid a good sum for it from Michael Jackson's estate. Paul is trying to play hero in the worlds' eyes (other than Japan).

Paul if you want to bring your music back "home", pay for it with your money. That would be altruistic.

I am sure he can afford it. But of course that is not his goal in looking like an hero artist. He is probably setting up Sony for a lower priced purchase with the threat of a law suit.

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Sold them off to make a quick buck and now wants them back for free...sounds typical of the world we now live in. Alas by the time this happens he will probably have left this realm.

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Good luck. The Music Industry needs to adapt and not contain creative thought or ownership of.

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This Tristram Fane Saunders article goes some way to explain how the late M Jackson came to acquire ownership of Northern Songs. Recently the 80's pop group Duran Duran failed in similar attempt to use US copyright law which reverts the rights of ownership back to artists after 35 years......Why Paul McCartney can't make an offer is because he just won't put his hand in his pocket as he feels they have always been rightfully his. Unfortunately the contracts where made under English law......

Didgeridoos and legal blues: the strange story of how Michael Jackson bought The Beatles.......


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Lots of people have been screwed in the music industry. Everyone is desperate for money.

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What responsibility does Michael Jackson's estate have in this? Does not ownership mean ownership.

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Paul McCartney only has himself to blame and will rue the day he did not seize the opportunity and acquire full control of publishing company Northern Songs .....Back to the begin......This is where all the angst started..... Lew Grade played to Paul McCartney arrogance belief that by definition, god given right and entitlement Northern Song was his property and no one else.

Friday 19 September 1969 .....The Beatles lose control of Northern Songs


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Nice one, @Dre ! Go get 'em Sir Paul ! See you in Tokyo !

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They don't call it Penny Lane for nuthin'.

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