Paul McCartney gets own set of Royal Mail stamps


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Great news, now how about John Lennon.

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Nice gesture, but who uses stamps these days?

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Why not all the Beatles?

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The most successful songwriter in the history of popular music.

More than okay. A songwriting genius. Very handy musician and vocalist too.

Who do you listen to?

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Ah, Macca. You know, Wings get overlooked a lot. They were only the band The Beatles could have been.

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Why not all the Beatles?

There was a Beatles stamp issue in 2007.

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They were only the band The Beatles couldhave been.

Favorite Beatles album? I think I'd have to say “The Best of The Beatles.” A-ha!

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Personally, I would have liked a stamp with Mick Jagger on (that is, of course, he wished to be portrayed on a postage stamp).

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I would have liked a stamp with Mick Jagger on

It seems there are many. Although I can't find any from the UK post office.



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@BigYen - who uses stamps these days?? I do. My friends in Japan love a real, true, handwritten letter far more than an email. It takes time to write a real letter - there's a helluva lot more thought that goes into it. And to put a stamp on it and send it is a deep commitment to shared values and affection. They love my calligraphy, too! So, do yourself and your best friends a favour - send them something handwritten. My handwriting (and I'm 67) has been complimented too many times to count. And it means something. So, call me a dinosaur. I don't care.

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