Paul McCartney should wait to get back Beatles songs, Sony/ATV says


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I certainly hope that Sir Paul doesn't hold his breath !

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They for whatever reason signed those rights away years ago, it's crappy but welcome to the music industry. He gets them back next year if that means anything.

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The reason was that ruthless record companies did and still do try to take ownership of artist's songs in exchange for making them famous. Until recently, struggling artists has little choice in the matter if they wanted to succeed. Note these are the same record companies that now cry when downloaders "steal" music.

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"Sir" P. M. just wants more money by gaining the "rights"! What a greedy bastard! He would do anything for money...even collaborate with Kanye West. I have lost all respect for him since then.

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He made money and fame. He stays in nice hotels and have you seen his house? Struggling/upcoming artists should get a helping hand, but as a musician, your choice is I did for passion, or, I did it for the money.

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Paul McCartney should have taken the opportunity all those years ago, but his arrogance and ego got the better of him. He foolishly believed market forces do not apply to him, and ownership of Northern Songs was his by divine right, TV mogul Lew Grade taught McCartney a lesson, that McCartney still fails to learn from.

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Come on Paul. You have riches beyond most peoples dreams, you are a Knight of the realm and have lived a very, very special life. You're in your mid-70's. What more do you want? Perhaps time to let go of the need for more. Enjoy your last years without the unneeded stress of legal battles. You were right that 'Money can't by me love' but nor can it buy you peace of mind. Let it go Paul. Down the Long and Winding Road.

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@roughneck - And just what exactly is wrong with that ? I am sure he is not "in the business" to LOSE money ! A tad bit envious ?

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First of all I disagree with many things Paul McCartney has done and become. He only respects or acknowledges fans at concerts for publicity or answers a fifty year old fan letter and his pr team has it printed everywhere yet there are fans such as myself that are very sick and cannot get a decent handicapped seat at a concert or a letter or photo. That being said let's look at this from a different prospective. Set aside monetary reasons for a moment these songs represent accomplishments by him and John. Accomplishments he has every reason to to be proud of and want to possess after all he and John colaboratated and wrote some incredible music. I can understand why he would want to possess the rights.

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Imagine - out bid for a product and then go to court for a reversal.

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The point that is being missed is the beneficial impact if he wins on upcoming musicians who are usualy straight jacketed by big corporations.

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I sold one of the groups Ep's and made an extra large profit . Thank you . I have two more for the next time I get into financial trouble.

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Why doesn't he buy back from Sony if he wanted the ownership of his songs? There's no free in this world.

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