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Paul McCartney urges Putin to help free Greenpeace activists


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Wrong Beatle for the job. It should be Yoko Ono. I'm sure Putin would do anything to shut her up...

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...whose hits with the Beatles included “Back in the USSR”

関係ない, as they say. Weren't the Greenpeace activists trespassing on a Russian oil platform? Sounds like being home for Christmas wasn't high on their list of priorities.

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"I understand of course that the Russian courts and the Russian presidency are separate."

Hope Paul is only sucking up to Putin and doesn't really believe this.

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It is another classic example of the 1% who live in another planet called "all we need is love".

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“I understand of course that the Russian courts and the Russian presidency are separate--wink wink"

McCartney...denied that the protesters were anti-Russian or doing the bidding of western governments.

Irrelevant. Trespassing is trespassing.

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It was interesting watching him on television yesterday at the Sumo Tournament in the Fukuoka Arena. He was just sitting in the regular seats with the rest of the crowd. Japan is probably the only place he can do that.

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How about that russian punk band that is in jail and one of the girls is now missing?

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Is Putin a Beatles fan? If not, then why on earth would he care what Paul McCartney thinks?

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The idiots clearly broke the law and in Russia!!! What the hell were they thinking (obviously they weren't) when they came up with that plan? Let them do the hard time and maybe this sends a message to other idiots planning the same... DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!!!

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It's cool that Sir Paul went to the sumo basho. However, that seat was far from "regular". It's the most expensive in the house! No big deal, as it's just pocket change for him. I really appreciate that he is bringing attention to the plight of the Arctic 30, whose greater mission is saving this planet from ourselves. Go Greenpeace and Sir P!

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At least Russia knows how to properly deal with these Green "Peace" thugs.

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