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Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt reprise ‘90s hit `Mad About You’


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I couldn't tell you the plot of a single episode, but I used to enjoy watching this - nice acting, gentle comedy. I'd watch a revival, for sure - nice bit of chewing gum for the eyes and ears.

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Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser are wonderful. The latter memorably & utterly brilliant, as the dodgy company guy in Aliens, lest we forget.

I wonder will they include the Friends crossover storyline with Phoebe and Ursula in the reprise?

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WTH is "Spectrum Originals"? Is this something available only on Spectrum (Charter) Cable TV systems in the US? That leaves out most American viewers, as Charter/Spectrum is the smaller of the two biggest cable companies, not to mention all of the satellite and/or broadband (streaming) subscribers.

Perhaps we'll get lucky in Japan, and Netflix or Amazon will carry it as one of their "original" series for the JP market, like they do with Star Trek Discovery or Fleabag.

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I enjoyed the first 3 seasons of this show. Then in 1996 Helen got an ego and demanded $1M/episode because of her Oscar in 'Twister' and Paul promoted a stupid motivational book. then the series went down the tubes.

Now those 2 want to crawl back and rehash it, beating a dead horse. Next they'll try to revive 'Seinfeld' or 'Friends' and I say the heck with it.

Let It Be.

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