Peaches Geldof dies unexpectedly at age 25


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I have met Peaches Geldof twice, once when accompanying a friend to a fashion exhibition at the Tate Modern, the other time in Convent Garden, I was impressed and touched by how Peaches Geldof made everyone around her feel special.. We are the same age. Really cant believe it.

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What a sad and tragic story for father, sisters, family, husband, children, friends. No drugs or suicide note?

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The statement from the Kent Police is carefully worded.

The telegraph quotes a police spokesman “The death is deemed not suspicious but unexplained and sudden. The coroner has been informed” and follows with a home office pathologist was due to carry out a post mortem in the next few days but no date has been fixed.

The Mail quotes Officers found 'no hard drugs, no suicide note, no visible signs of injury'.

On the occasion I just caught Peaches Geldof at a Covent Garden restaurant, she came over and said I seen you somewhere before, I was gob smacked she remembered the Tate Modern show, after all the introduction and chit chat lasted a whole 15 - 20 minutes.

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Well. Looks like she was a good one. Sadly RIP

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Another spoiled do nothing parasite dead. No loss. I'd rather mourn the dead 3rd world kid who could've achieved something.

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..and exactly like that 3rd world kid, she didn't have any say into the world she was born into. sheesh.

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It is always sad when someone young dies but she only tasted fame due to her parents. She loved the celeb me me me culture and this lifestyle can be deadly.

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So can a hereditary heart condition, or spontaneous death for some other reason. Until we know why she died, there is no way of knowing if her lifestyle had anything to do with her death.

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Media is reporting family friends anxiety about her weight loss and low self-esteem. The Guardian.com - Police decline to confirm or deny reports that no drugs or suicide note were found, a postmortem examination on Peaches Geldof will be carried out on Wednesday at a Kent hospital by a Home Office pathologist. Police are treating the incident an "unexplained" and as a "non-suspicious sudden death".


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Whatever the cause of her death, it leaves her family, her friends, all who knew her devastated. And we should respect that and refrain from comments that would increase their pain.

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The point is that only when they are rich and priveliged do people seem to exhibit (feign) empathy. The choices first worlders make kill. More so than opportunity and money......sheeesh.

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