People magazine names Chris Hemsworth 'Sexiest Man Alive'


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Personally out of all celebs, I think Putin is the sexiest man alive, especially when he shows that stoic face, riding a horse with his shirt off.

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I'm kinda happy for him, I mean he's no so my type, but he's is attractive and what makes him so sexy is him being a family man with wife and kids, who is not in a scandal

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Sexiness really is a very subjective matter and holds inconsistent views from each individual. So every man is sexy in his own ways and they have to feel that in themselves so the sexiness comes out naturally becoming a matter of projection. Some vital characteristics of a hot and sexy man is a nice smile, humor, confidence, is intelligent, stable financially, emotionally and is masculine.

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He's nothing special, I'd bet the real reason he's considered sexiest is actually because his co-star lover Jennifer Lawrence is the sexiest lovable woman alive.

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He did a great job as James T. Kirk's father in the first Star Trek reboot.

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Of course, if we were to apply the logic being applied by modern day feminists, this kind of article must be banned for ever. To promote equality and all that.

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