Pink Floyd to release first album in 20 years


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Can't wait! A true classic of a band.

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It will feature guitarist David Gilmour, drummer Nick Mason and keyboardist Richard Wright, a founding member of the band who died in 2008.

If only it featured Roger Waters as well. Then the world could be at peace.

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this album/cd will sell more on the nostalgia factor than the quality of the music. sorry, but unearthing 20 year old ambient music seems just ludicrous to me.

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The subtitle is "Of Your Money". The Endless River: Of Your Money...

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Yeah, without Waters, it really isn't Pink Floyd, is it?

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Wow! Outtakes from The Division Bell? It's hardly going to be much cop, is it? A great band, but when they are good they are fantastic and when they are bad they are awful. Haven't done a good album since Animals.

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Aren't they the guys of "Another brick in the wall" ?

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Aren't they the guys of "Another brick in the wall" ? I guess you are a "beth hovan" fan on face book

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Nope ! You guess wrong !

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dude without roger waters and rick wright recording new stuff on the album it will basicaly be un‐released material , the division bell 2 should be the album name, let's face it people pink floyd's last concert was at live 8 in 2005 in london , it was truly amazing , sadly london was attacked soon after by terrorist's

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You didn't answer my question either...

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I agree with Johnny Rotten's t-shirt.

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Well, no Roger Waters can only be a good thing, however putting out meanderings from a 20 year old session and passing them off as an album is pretty pathetic.

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@FightingViking Yes, they are. That song is from their "The Wall" album released in 1979.

Waters or Gilmour--there seems to be the endless argument who made Pink Floyd the band they were, or who was/is the better vocalist. Regardless, they just made great music and some really cool album cover art. Dark Side is one of my fave albums ever, and I also enjoyed Division Bell. This upcoming album from sessions 20 years ago should be like a time capsule of some bygone era. It should be interesting to hear the initial reviews on it.

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What's with all the negative voting on any comment about Waters? He and Gilmour are at odds, and the fans argue over who's at fault or who's better, but I'm surprised there's not a more united feeling that the two together are better than either of them individually.

Roger Waters would have to be in the line up/record to make it Pink Floyd. Agreed.

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Roger Waters left the band of his own accord, expecting that Pink Floyd would fall apart without him. (Doesn't think TOO much of himself, does he?) When they continued as a band, Roger tried to sue them out of existence and lost. Pink Floyd's first album after Waters left was "A Momentary Lapse of Reason". When the promotional tour for the album was being put together, Waters had a temper tantrum:

Roger Waters left the band in 1985, believing the band would not continue. However, Gilmour and Mason decided to continue as Pink Floyd. Waters threatened legal action against Gilmour and Mason, as well as any promoters who promoted shows as "Pink Floyd." However, by the end of 1987, with the success of the album and first stages of the tour, the new lineup had established itself commercially, and the band reached a settlement with Waters in December.


"A Momentary Lapse of Reason" sales easily blew away the band's previous release ("The Final Cut") - dubbed by critics as a Roger Waters solo album. Any question of how important Roger Waters was to Pink Floyd was answered very quickly by how well the "Waters-less" album did compared to the so-called "Waters solo" album.

Just your typical spoiled rock star who started believing too many of his own press clippings. Good riddance.

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Syd Barrett made Pink Floyd.

When he (er...) left, Dave Gilmour rocked them up and make them less quirky, culminating in the fantastic Dark Side of the Moon.

.... and when Waters eventually became dominant, he turned them into dark, boring dirge band for manic depressives.

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I wonder how illegal downloads will affect the numbers on this new album. Division Bell came out before the age of Napster. Could be interesting.

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With with Zichi, the very best Floyd is the Floyd with Syd and no Roger. Piper is a great album not just iconic psychedelia.

It was Gilmour, not Waters who helped Syd with his recordings after Syd was asked to leave the band. Waters is so full of himself, yet his solo stuff doesn't come anywhere near Syd's. Overblown, self obsessed and boring.

If these recordings weren't deemed up to release at the time, I can't see how that has changed much now. I guess they just call it riding the gravy train..

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