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Pink Lady play in Tokyo during reunion tour


Pink Lady, a 1970s-era pop duo, performed in Tokyo on Sunday night at Tokyo International Forum. The nationwide tour, which involves 24 performances in 22 cities, marks the duo's comeback after 30 years.

They played 22 classic hits for some 5,000 fans, including their popular song “UFO.” Kei and Mie, both 53, appeared in great shape despite their long hiatus.

Kei said, “We are touring Japan again because we want to help cheer everyone up, if only just a little.”

A reporter asked Mie, who has been divorced, if she had any plans to remarry, to which she responded coyly, “The fans are my paramours.”

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For some reason I'm glad there's no photo accompanying this article.

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Noripi - agreed!

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Reunion tour = "we need the money tour"

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No kidding, Tatanka! There are a growing number of "it's been 30 years or so since I was famous so let's do a tour to sing the same old songs and get some quick money" tours going on of late.

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Cue Pink Lady appearing nightly on endless identical "Variety" shows.

Japanese Variety Shows - Great job, Misnomer-Man!

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Many performers are narcissistic, so these 30 year reunion tours are part money and part fulfilling their assumption that we still want to see them. Hopefully they won`t try to rekindle their ill fated "Pink Lady and Jeff" TV show.

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Reunion tour = "we need the money tour"

Hahahahahaha!!!! So true that.

Amazing how people still remember pinky reidi after 30 years

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