Polanski film premieres in Venice as scandal rages


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The 86-year-old, who was convicted for the statutory rape of a 13-year-old in 1978, is not due to appear at the festival.

What he did to the girl was worse than statutory rape. He drugged and then sodomized her as she was protesting.

He is a sick and evil guy.

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Me Too often goes overboard, but Polanski is fully deserving of the stuff that come his way. I know a couple of personal stories about him as well, and he was a nasty piece of work. He may have mellowed in old age, but sometimes the past catches up with people.

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Vile man.

I'm sure there quite a few people who blame his victim for what happened.

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I'm sure there quite a few people who blame his victim for what happened.

The mother of the girl, wasn't it?

I didn't know Polanski identified as being a Jew now, like fellow Polish emigre Harvey Weinstein.

Given the movie is about the Dreyfus Affair, is he claim to be a victim of anti-Semitism now?

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I didn't know Polanski identified as being a Jew now, like fellow Polish emigre Harvey Weinstein.

He has always been Jewish and never hidden it. What is your point? He had nightmarish youth in Poland under the Nazis, his parents were sent to concentration camps, his mother murdered. So, yes, he has been a very real victim of anti-semitism.

None of which excuses his behavior, but he most certainly was a victim himself.

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What happened in the Dreyfus case has happened thousands of times in America to all sorts of innocent folks and one case in France is used to excuse massive abuses of all kinds being done by people who hide behind lies to express their pathologies and hurt, in this case, children, and use the lies to try to push the criticism onto the accusers. And this appears to be characteristic of a clique of culturally identical individuals who are already known to be pure psychopaths in their other behaviors and clearly in their psychosexual mindsets, as well. What Polanski may have done to the 13 year old girl was his RIGHT to do, in HIS mind, because it still most obviously is today. Understanding the absolute arrogance and innate lack of conscience in these people, and the hostile, racist defenses they employ AS A GROUP to justify their disease, ANYTHING THEY SAY should just be considered obfuscation, chutzpah (psychopathy), and complete self-justifying bull[EXPLETIVE DELETED]. It's an epidemic within this cultural subgroup and a convenient way to gain control over influential people. Epstein, a major procurer, was "protected". Until his chutzpah could no longer be hidden. Then he was erased. To protect a hundred, a thousand, other Polanski's, perhaps?

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That's not really what 'chutzpah' means but whatever.

I don't understand why anyone would be involved with Polanski. This isn't a question of guilt like with Kevin Spacey, this guy is a disgusting, convicted pedophile. I doubt working with him will help your film career seeing as how many in the industry despise him.

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The article couldn't stick to just Polanski, that would have been just fine, and of course that's controversial and deserves discussion all by itself.

However, the #MeToo so called movement just surrounds everything that is now wrong with Western Society as it is becoming now. An apt item to include within the definition for the #MeToo movement should include; " Make no mistake. The real purpose of Diversity, Inclusivity and Equality in the modern age, is an all-out war on even the concept of excellence."

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Bruce Lee ( before he himself was famous) taught Polanski martial arts. Polanski invited Lee to a party. Lots of celebrities wete there with very young girls sitting on their laps. Lee didnt hang around, later telling a friend, "Those people are completely without morals."

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Those people are completely without morals.

Perfect description of most of U.S elites in Hollywood, media, banking, business, tech companies, etc. The ones who influence the rest of the world and force their 'morals' on us.

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