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Pop group Exile sign contract with adidas


Pop group Exile has signed a contract with sports clothing brand adidas. It is the first time in the brand's history to tie up with a pop group. Sporting new tracksuits designed specifically with the band's image in mind, four of the group appeared on stage at a press conference to give their reactions to the news.

Akira, 29, said, "Exile is a new kind of entry in this category, so I hope we'll do our best not to drag the label of 'athlete' down." Tetsuya, 29, said, "I'm really pleased to be joining forces with legends like Argentina's Lionel Messi."

The two brands also announced their plan to jointly develop merchandise to capitalize on their new partnership with Exile becoming unofficial "sports ambassadors" to encourage Japanese people to exercise.

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Oh man! First, I had to give up Kirin Tanrei's Green Label because those little grass eating boys in Arashi started drinking it....

Now, I gotta' give up Adidas because those tough looking grass eating boys in Exile sport it too....

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Does this mean they are no longer in exile? Hiro will lose his bad boy rep and Aya Ueto will leave him for me, as I am the new bad boy on the block. Looks like it is going to be my year after all.

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wow if thats who you want to represent your company in Japan then I wish adidas the best of luck.

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Exile are one of the most annyoing creations in recent years. A group or fools trying to look cool and failing. Why they are popular and not just laughed at amazes me.

I also have no idea why a sportsware maker chose to use pop stars to work with.

Tetsuya, 29, said, “I’m really pleased to be joining forces with legends like Argentina’s Lionel Messi.”

Because he's the only football player you can think of and everyone in Japan seems to think he's a god or something?

I wish sportsware companies would stick to having sportsmen/women in their adverts etc. Not some flavour-of-the-month-forgotten-in-5-years "stars".

I'm suprised that no-one in the picture is wearing sun-glasses...

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I've just lost respect for one of my favorite brands. Adidas have cool people representing them all over the world - except Japan.

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i won't stop buying addidas products, because they make quality gear. but you have to wonder who addidas is trying to attract by signing these fools.

this reminds me of a year or two ago when some men's care product (maybe it was a shaving cream or deoderant or something,) you know something only men use. yet the spokesperson was one of the "men" from a boyband (it doesn't really matter which one, they are all the same.)

the point is, what guy would be excited enough to see one of these boyband members and say, hey he makes me want to buy the product!

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kansaifun & Bogi -- agree completely. Has adidas sunk that low here or is it just a recognition on their part that wimpy herbivores rule here and this is what they must do to sell to young J-men? I mean go into any "western" clothing store here and all you find are sizes small and extra-small, with a very few mediums and larges. So, obviously, these J-guys are not "athletes" by the tradional definition.

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Great outfits unfitting of a rock band.

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but you have to wonder who addidas is trying to attract by signing these fools.

Millions of Japanese who don't hate Exile.

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Exile becoming unofficial “sports ambassadors”

Unofficial? LOL

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with Exile becoming unofficial “sports ambassadors” to encourage Japanese people to exercise.

I think this answers my and other's question -- huh? Obviously adidas sees the trends here -- fewer young people due to the declining population, and less active men, as they focus on clothes/mobiles/games/etc. -- so they have to try to do something to make sports and exercise relevant. But, since this is a brand that has always prided itself on its strong "authenticity" in sports, going back to Adi Dassler, the founder of the company, who made their first running shoes, this must be a bit hard to swallow.

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Exhile - plays sports. You definitely need game in the clubs to get the pretty ladies, have powerful lungs to resist the smoking, be able to dance and sing for 5 hours, and etc. and sing that stupid song " I wish " 5 billion times in that horrible 5 minute song.

They play sports- but you never see them play.

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Everytime they play that, " I wish " song during the ladies volleyball tour. I almost blew chunks.

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Adidas is probably reconsidering after they realized they had to give out 100 or so free shoes just for the band members! :) I use to like Exile a bit, but can't understand the fad with having 14 - 20 members in your band (never mind 48!). Nor can I understand the fedora or other silly hats, but hey.

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Never been a fan of exile. I hear all this talk about "grass eating boys" At least exile sport facial hair and dont rock the "I might be a girl" look. Im no homophobe, so if a guy wants to act feminine, whatever.

I just dont think sports brand that endorses sports figures is making the right move endorsing a boy-band. UNLESS thats the new move...

ADIDAS - Selling out is Not Impossible!

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@Kuroyama: That foolish feminine and poor excuse for a man "Takahiro" of Exile is definitely a "grass eating boy." (I really hate that term or "herbivore" but whatever.)

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Give Exile their props. They know how to market themselves and obviously are successful.

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Just because we don't wear Wapanese-Glasses that make everything from Japan look great, doesn't mean we're haters. Did you read the Bon-Jovi/noodle article comments?

Getting Exile to wear Adidas stuff will boost sales for a few weeks or months, then the Japanese sheep will find another brand that another "talent" is promoting to wear for another similar period of time.

Who is in charge of Adidas' brand image? Whoever it is, their judgement is questionable. Whats the betting their daughter is a fan of the dancing fools?

Sportswear=boyband? You would think there were no athletes in Japan with this choice.

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@MrDog I dont think this is about sports figures actually. I think (now that I've thought) that its just about money. Bottom line is that they are in business not to support sports culture, but to make money. If that meant selling purple-dyed hard boiled eggs to the French... thats what ADIDAS would do if it meant more money than sports.

As much as we may or may not like Japanese boy bands (Im certainly no fan)the fact of the matter is that women and some men do. Too many men in JP spend their money on manga, and virtual girlfriends. Even if there were an honest to God Japanese 6 Million Dollar man that was sponsored by ADIDAS, it wouldnt motivate them to excercise or buy gear that make them look as if they would.

Women however, DO workout. They do their little runs, and get busy in gyms. I think its more about being pencil thin, than it is about being healthy... but thats another topic.

The point is... You market "Exile x Adidas" in Japan... chicks will drop that Yen to get it. Even if only to match clothes with their Daschunds and Chihuahuas...

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Maybe a lot of commenters here just got off the boat and are new to Japan. I remember years ago noticing that a lot of paunchy, litterbug smokers go around wearing articles of clothing which "back home" are identified as sports/fitness gear worn by athletes, runners, gym-goers, and the generally health-conscious. In other words, an oyaji in adidas attire and expensive running shoes smokes a couple of ciggies in front of the station and throws the butts on the ground.

It was laughable at first, then stunning when I realized how pervasive it is, and now, years later, it doesn't surprise me at all.

So the answer to questions like "huh, who is adidas marketing to by getting these guys?" is: to many millions of Japanese men.

And this is just routine ground to cover here before we even mention people like Fred Durst and whether he was sponsored or bought the stuff off the rack with his own cash.

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Yeah? Well I doubt Adidas are hoping the DJ Honda clad oyaji's are Exile fans.

Fred Durst did it because Korn did it. He has about as much talent as Exile.

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Haw! Nice one. I guess you're right. The oyajis want a different kind of ad. Tommy Lee Jones maybe?

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