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Pop-punk icon Lauper recounts life 'fight' ahead of farewell tour


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Sorry, but the word punk has nothing to do with her.

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Love this comment -

And the second time, I asked a nun if she still got her period and they threw me out.

Cyndi certainly is the epitome of keeping on keeping on.

Loved her in the 80's standing out from the crowd, with her eccentricity but also her creativity.

Always gave it all for the fans and spoke up for those suffering - a real activist.

Be an interesting concert for sure.

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Speed - You're right - Punk she is not. Little to do with J Rotten for sure.

But the term "Pop Punk" has a different nuance and was/is applied to many artists of the punk/post punk era.

Power Pop was another term liberally used.

She was once deemed the "Queen of Pop Punk".

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All these JT articles about Glastonbury. Not.

See she performed at Glastonbury over the weekend and the fans loved her, treating her like royalty.

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