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Pop singer Miley Cyrus named MTV's best artist of 2013


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I guess talent doesn't count for much anymore.. Just how well you can pull off a publicity stunt.

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Remember this before you throw off at local performers?

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I think they're confusing 'Best' with 'Most Popular.'

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You gotta be kidding !

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@Mirai Hayashi

I guess talent doesn't count for much anymore.. Just how well you can pull off a publicity stunt.

Go on YouTube and search for her version of Jolene and tell me that girl cant' sing.

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Here twerking paid off.

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She said she was unapologetic for her provocative performance with Thicke.

But should have apogised profusely for her lack of any discernible musical talent.

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How low can you go?

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@davestrousers: Well said (I think its excellent) - I wish people would look a little bit behind the stunts sometimes. There is a fair chance that people like Mirai hadn't even HEARD of Miley before this.

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Is this a joke? Am I being punked?

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Let's remember, this was from MTV, a showcase for the inane and puerile.

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These awards, like with many other nowadays commercialized awards are a joke, back in the day, getting these awards meant and counted for something, but now the only thing that these artists can do since they have Zero talent is to shock people. Kanye, Bieber, Cyrus...just to name a few, does anyone seriously think these people have ANY musical talent deserving and worth receiving ANY kind of an award? Even the Razzberry awards are too good for these people.

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“She is the third artist to receive the distinction of being named MTV’s Best Artist of the Year with past honorees including Katy Perry (2012) and One Direction (2011),” MTV said in a statement announcing the results.

Kind of says it all. Sure she can sing. but also can do lots of iother less talented stuff.

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She can sing and is quite fit. MTV don't praise talent, more commercial success and low common denominator stuff. But still, ciley not the worst of the current crop.

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And anything MTV says is irrelevant because all they care about is $$$$$. Same as the people behind Cryus's publicity stunts who are only doing it for the $$$

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Well there you go! If Miley Cyrus is the "best" MTV has to offer, it just really shows you the horrid depths to which the "music channel" has now sunk! I feel sorry for today's generation~growing up with such mediocre talent!

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I am very dissapointed in that girl, her future was shining bright. But now, she is conforming to the norm of ridiculousness and out to shock mentality. So sad...

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