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Pope Francis invites comedians including Whoopi Goldberg to Vatican


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Mainstream comedy is not quite as funny these days as everything funny is too “politically incorrect” to mention. Cancel culture stifles creative thinking and causes so much division.

Mocking others with a different viewpoint seems to be the norm now. I hope that people start laughing together again.

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Apparently Pope Francis is a big fan of Roy 'Chubby' Brown, but as he had a gig in Grimsby that day he had to decline the invitation.

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Leave Whoopy at home. Vivat Jesus.

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Comedians are yet to do justice to their enormous potential in making the world a happy place for fellow pilgrims on a common journey.

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May there an emphasis and challenge to return to a time when comedy was clean, and parents could trust that their children would not be groomed by those on the boob tube.

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Pope Francis has a big heart, embracing all the various people that he meets. And 'Catholic' originally means 'universal', not just a select few. Everyone. After all, Jesus mingled with all kinds of people. If he was against anything, it was hypocrisy. And look what Francis has been doing lately to those bishops who've been badmouthing him and talking crap.

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The Pope is what he is. The Holy Seer of the Vatican. Head of the Catholic Church. Head of the Vatican City. And everything that comes with it from the past and present.

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