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Popular Japanese actress Erika Toda marries actor Tori Matsuzaka


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I don't think we care really .

13 ( +19 / -6 )

^ If you don't care about Japanese culture and news, what are you doing here? Begger off.

Congratulations and all happiness to them both. I hope they keep acting.

-14 ( +8 / -22 )

hmm. give them another 2-3 years .

like other geinojin. Infidelity divorce, mistakes. this society, socialmedias don't leave them alone. everything they do is society's business.

just like in our ordinary life. our neighbors know everything we do. Trust me !

11 ( +12 / -1 )

Good news! Congratulations!

-7 ( +1 / -8 )

I really want to wish them the best, but I cannot avoid seeing everything happening this year with some cynicism, maybe its just jealously, maybe just seeing so many bad news is making me expect a bad twist at the end.

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Popular Japanese actress Erika Toda and actor Tori Matsuzaka have married, their respective agencies announced Thursday.

Popular, I don't know her, but then aren't all actresses popular. I guess there are more than 10,000 actresses all vying for a limited and small piece of a dwindling pie. How do they cope in this small market.

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