Posthumous Michael Jackson album due out May 13


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I love a lot of his music, and his death was tragic. But you could blame a lot of his messed-up life on his father. He told Oprah that when he was younger, he was so afraid of his father he would become physically ill when his father approached him.

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I hope it's a good CD. IMO, the new CDs released since MJ's death have been rather bad, no pun intended.

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man are they trying to get every last drop of blood from MJ or what? these people never cared about him, they just wanted to make money from him.

he didn't make any good music before he died, so i doubt if this will be any good. MJ's music sounds like it's stuck in the 80s and 90s. i;'ll pass.

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"Posthumous Michael Jackson album due out May 13". Shouldn't this headline read "Michael Jackson album due out posthumously on May 13"? After all, I doubt he recorded it posthumously.

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never liked the practice of releasing the unreleased or continuing the unfinished work of artists after they've passed on. if the original artist has no say in the final product, and was only the inspiration for the finished piece, then it is really not a work of their own vision, and it seems disrespectful to use the fame of a fallen idol for gain.

i'd find it acceptable if michael verbally okay'd any posthumous projects continuing his ideas, but it would not be fair to attribute something produced totally after someone's passing with their name up front when it actually uses nothing tangible like lyrics or music sheets produced by the original author, just inspiration from his ideas.

releasing unreleased, finished work is another story. sometimes the case is a song remained unreleased for reasons beyond the artist's control, such as rights to samples used or labels selling rights to release said work, and if that can be resolved posthumously then i find no problem with releasing it to the public.

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