Postponed Grammys move to Las Vegas


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He is amazingly talented.

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Michael MachidaToday  08:26 am JST

He is amazingly talented.

He's good but aa good host doesn't a good show make.

I remember when Phil Collins got three Grammys, Sting took home some too. I remember a pizza party watching this show where Peter Gabriel, Paul Simon with Ladysmith Black Mambasso, Billy Idol and the Bangles performed and got awards. We catcalled the Bangles.

Look who's on the list this time. Might as well call the whole thing off, it's a no-talent zone. It's a joke.

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He is amazingly talented. And I will say it again and again. He is good.

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He is amazingly talented

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Thankfully it's still going ahead, I was worried what I would do without famous multi millionaires educating me about what an awful person I am.

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LOL who cares music is not that great these days! It's a bunch of ear noise.

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