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'Potter,' 'X-Men,' 'Apes' vie for visual Oscar


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The academy’s visual-effects branch will watch excerpts from each film and select five nominees

They'll only watch excerpts? It's only 10 movies in total, why don't they watch the whole film? Also, who chooses the excerpts, and how do they decides which ones? Something odd here?

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Personally, I would vote for Apes ... but that's just me.

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Apes and Transformers

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HP and Capt. America. Made it believable.

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Hugo, Planet of the Apes and Transfomers...

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Wanna bet that Harry Potter will win every award for which it's been nominated? Kind of like the "coronation" of LOTR after the last installment.

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I'm seriously sick of all this fake looking CGI, it looks comical. You have good CGI which is great when done properly and you have comical CGI. Heck the old days of props and models look more realistic sometimes then some of the CGI in some of these movies (though some do it really good too).

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I haven't seen Potter or X-Men, but Apes was done well. Watching the movie you forget that it is CG.

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my vote is on the Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and Real Steel.

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