PPAP star Piko Taro helps Foreign Ministry promote U.N. goals


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Go away you idiot. Disappear into obscurity like that other idiot that used to jump around in his underpants on TV 10 years ago

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"the comedian, whose viral hit swept the world "

Overgenerous on at least two counts there.

How long does it take for a one-trick pony to expire his shelf life? This buffoon has been getting on my nerves for far too long now.

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"PPAP star"

that is quite a generous title you are giving him

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He should finally realize it's been done to death when he is asked to do collaborations with a Government ministry of all things. But no...

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This guy is now gross, I blame avex for pimping him to death

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Every time I see the acronym for his overly promoted video I initially think it's some sort of diagnostic exam for an STD or something. Sort of appropriate I suppose.

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Perfectly illustrates the idiocracy that constitutes the Japanese MOFA. Idiots pretending to be cool.

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