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'Predator' reboot to begin filming by October


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Oh no! This is terrible news!

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I must admit I enjoyed "Predators" and "Terminator Salvation". I was a little disappointed they got dropped.

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"bringing back Arnold Schwarzenegger to reprise his starring role as Major Alan “Dutch” Schaefer is “something we’re looking into.”

Get to the chopper!!!

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There is nothing to suggest to me that this will be a successful reboot, but won't judge until I see it.

-4 ( +1 / -5 )

How about Predators vs. Avengers?

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Are there no new stories to tell?

5 ( +6 / -1 )

Great, another reboot. Proof again that Hollywood is running out of original ideas.

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What is Hollywood's obsession with rebooting good movies? I hear there's going to be a reboot of The Mummy, starring Tom Cruise. I'll give that as wide a berth as physically possible. Here's an idea: reboot something that sucked. How about a reboot of the Star Wars Prequel trilogy? Maybe stop Anakin being such a whiner, and for the love of every fan alive: no JarJar Binks!

I can't say I have high hopes for The Predator. The original was great. Predator 2 wasn't bad, but Predators was pretty spectacular. I doubt this reboot will be as good as they're hoping.

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Ummm, well, why not. I suspect it will be more like a sequel, with Arnold as Dutch leading a new group under circumstances similar to the original. There'll be more CG, but I hope that the final fight isn't between Dutch and the alien again, simply because Arnold is no physical condition to pull a performance like the one in the original movie. Maybe the alien vs Jason Momoa , or the Rock.

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I'll watch anything made by Shane Black.

Even the first Predator Christmas movie.

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I think using the term "reboot" is what the writer of this online article decided upon.

In reading other online articles & interviews with those involved, it appears to be a continuation (especially when they mention Arnold Schwarzenegger possibly reprising his role).

Anyway, I look forward to it. I enjoyed all of the Predator films, as well as the Alien/Prometheus franchise (with the exception of Alien3, which I I've decided was just a dream sequence that occurred while Ripley was floating around in space after Aliens).

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back in the day when we had free thought and enjoyed campy movies. This generation is without free thought so we're stuck with remakes of anything with copyright extended to your life plus 100 years for the Great Corporation. Anything new is a risk. This is the only way movies can be made now. Ugh

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I'd rather see a "reboot" of The Big Short, which I saw a month ago, than Predator, which I saw 31 years ago.

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How about predator vs superman vs batman vs spiderman, with cameo's by the hulk, thor, cat woman, & astroboy!!!

What a joke the flick biz has become the last 10yrs as so, I am sick of all the remakes & new combo's its nuts

Oh don't forget to toss in one or characters from the Xmen flicks for some more "spice".........WTF!

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Will someone do a reboot of "They Live" with Roddy Piper?

2 ( +2 / -0 )

The problem is that so much money is committed to Hollywood movies including the huge salaries for the acting talent that film companies do not want to take risks on anything that is too original. Besides after a 100 years of movie making, originality is hard to find.

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I'm all for this movie since Shane Black will be writing and directing, and he intends it to be a larger movie than the smaller budget predator movies. It also isn't a reboot per IMDB.

Still, I enjoyed the last Predators movie with Adrien Brody.

Alien vs. Predators was just garbage loosely aimed at fans of a semi-decent video game.

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Am I the only one who is tired of "reboots" and see it as a total lack of creativity?

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You're probably not the only one, but considering the profits these reboots make, a lot of people don't seem to care.

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I am a big fan of Predator, except the last one - which lost its mystique. But I don't think a reboot is good, why not an episode 4?

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Predator movie, only the first one, is my all time favourite till date.

The logic was very simple between Alien and Human - "You better kill me before I kill you". Pure survival skills put to test as could be seen only amongst animals in wild.

No over the top emotional dramas like US yet again saving the world from alien attacks and showing the rest of the world like bunch of clueless fools.

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I hope Predator leaves his helmet on. And stays in the trees. When he walks around he just looks like the Creature Fom The Black Lagoon. But I can't wait for my Starbucks Predator mug. In the shape of his head.

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