Prince Harry and J-Lo lead 'Vax Live' concert in Los Angeles


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That was quick...no two week quarantine?

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I think the people most affected by the pandemic want food more: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-africa-tech-trfn-idUSKBN23C0LE

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I missed that one.

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For somebody who wanted to stay out of the media spotlight, he is failing miserably.

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Poor boy, craving attention and sympathy. Completely lost

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He is doing more for the people than his Royal family members across the pond. No wonder the other Brits dislike him like they did his mom. They are jealous because he is making them all look like self-serving moochers and in some cases criminals off of the tax-payers dime!

Gambatte Harry and Meghan!

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While the Royal Family is dealing with Prince Andrew's Epstein pedo case and the eighth Royal Family COVID scandal as Queen's grandson visits female friend in Scotland, the US is loving what Harry is doing for the frontline workers in the US.

Prince Harry joined a handful of celebrities including President Joe Biden, Chrissy Teigen, and Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck this past weekend for the TV taping of Global Citizen’s Vax Live: The Concert to Reunite the World, an event intended to raise vaccine awareness and promote the equitable distribution of COVID-19 vaccines across the world. Harry’s speech for a live audience focusing on the dangerous spread of misinformation and the need for a strong global community has been widely praised already as an example of how the new-and-improved Harry is using his platform for good and building on key issues in his burgeoning advocacy career. But reports of the ecstatic reaction Harry received from the audience of vaccinated frontline workers in particular may give the royal family pause as they consider permanently severing ties with the Duke of Sussex.

While covering the Vax Live taping, Hollywood Reporter writer Chris Gardner shared footage of the event along with this comment on Twitter: “Los Angeles LOVES Prince Harry tonight — he gets electric reception and standing ovation as he steps out on the biggest stage since moving down the road in Montecito.”

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Africa as usual everybody's punching bag writing about Africa when they have never been to Africa, taking an example they picked up online and attributing it to a whole continent. There are millions in the U.S relying on food banks, scavenging gabbage yet they don't write about them or raise awareness but they are writing of what they have not seen.

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Ah, nice to see Harry shunning the media again.

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Man, that Woman just ruined this guy, sad.

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you gotta be American

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Man, that Woman just ruined this guy

Dunno. If it is down to her in getting a royal sponger off the back of the British taxpayer, I’m all for it.

Ship all the C-list celebs over if that’s what they’re capable of.

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Prince Harry! Why? J-L0, she is a member of the medical community?

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LOL talentless J-Lo after her career is up she will be 2 hook up less than Elizabeth Taylor. I once was given two free ticket to a J-Lo concert by a friend. After the first song I was done, I called my friend who gave me the tickets and he asked me about her show in the middle of explain he laughed and said why do you think I gave you the ticket? I got the tickets free she is terrible!!!

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For somebody who wanted to stay out of the media spotlight, he is failing miserably.

If he had just stayed silent and went about living his life, these same people would be bleating, “What is he doing?? He has all that money and influence and he’s not using any of it to help people?? How selfish!”

Some people are just happier when they’re miserable...

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