Prince pulls music from most online streaming services


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If Mr. Nelson is making such a move in relation to the streaming 'trend', I am willing to trust he knows what he is doing. He has worked the industry before; he has the chops and catalog; hell, even Zappa stood up and took notice (in some respects).

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Relevance, once lost, is a fickle beast to recapture. Fail = flail.

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Prince is an extraordinary good guitar player, too bad he's not playing it more.

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Didn't know this guy still played. Gonna checkfor genesis and hall & oates now...

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Whatever happened to "The Artist Formerly Known As Prince"?

Purple rain..... purple rain....

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Is this because he believes that people aren't buying his music and that people are copying his music illegally? He was a great musician and songwriter... not that I would say that to my high school mates :) However, I haven't heard any new material from him for a long time. @jumin rhee I don't see the correlation between Hall and Oats, Genesis and Prince; three very different artists...unless you're suggesting that they are 'has beens': this could be said about hundreds of artists. We're not all 'hipsters.'

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I forget the carrier. Perhaps in Feb, he had, from ELL studios, an online concert with a mix of things leading up to that. The band? new, tight, able to inject each-self into the mix. Mr. Nelson did a 'miles davis' -- probably rolled off one or two note solos and went shy-supporter-of-the-band style. (if you know miles davis performances from time to time). the new work was not in line to sell hits, in my opinion.

so, yes, he is out there.

and, has been is a term-ette that should be dropped from the lexicon or kept to identify igno-mo-mos as some have demonstrated themselves-to-be in the above comments -- along with the one-sleepy-factoid author of this article. has been? whatever that means.

when i catch McCoy Tyner in the next 2 weeks, drop on stravinsky rites of spring, or hell, go to see TODD sweat in out more for his enjoyment than for mine (laughs), I will mark their performance dates as 'has been - reminder' in my schedule book.

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Wht a joke! No one is streaming Prince!

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