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Questions swirl about Prince's health with unexplained death


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He was addicted to percocet, and was treated for an overdose just days before. Also, he was recently spotted pacing back and forth in front of a Walgreen's Pharmacy

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"He told an interviewer with the Los Angeles Times that he didn’t do drugs “or I’d give you a joint”

And if he smoked joints instead of allegedly taking the other suspected substances, he'd probably be alive today. Like Paul McCartney.

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I have all his albums (even Phase Two) and they all contain some great songs. The albums are only half the story though, Prince was the best live performer ever. Check out One Night Alive or Live in Las Vegas. Funny, brilliant, more than a little nutty. He definitely added something to my life.

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And now comes the gossip. Get lost!

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He is gone. He made the world a better place to exist thanks to his music. He touched a lot of lives world wide which is more than most of us could ever claim. I am sad for his early departure. Grateful for his music. Let him rest in peace. May his music continue to bring joy to people forever.

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I'd say he was talented, but that's like saying Einstein was smart.

RIP Prince -- you were, in a word, inimitable.

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Frankly his private life and problems are really none of our business. All he owed his fans was his music and his performance. The rest should be private. The same goes for all other celebrities. Would any of the fans like people digging into their private lives and problems?

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I'll think of "Purple Rain" and memories of my younger self comes floating back, sitting with my boyfriend in his car and listening to "Red Corvette" and thinking how sexy it was when he said "a pocketful of horses", lol

Whenever I hear his music it will bring sweet memories to me and I think that's how he would have wanted it.

We will miss Prince and his music and words. R.I.P. Prince

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I'll never forget seeing the movie Purple Rain in a movie theater in either Eugene Oregon or Juneau Alaska in 1980s. Cannot remember the place or date exactly but I do remember thinking "this is one amazing movie with a soundtrack to match."

Did Prince change the world? No. But he put a lot of zing into his fans' lives. Who knew it would end like this, in a silent, enclosed, stopped home elevator box? As John Lennon said "life is what happens when you're busy making other plans. " RIP musical genius man...

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"Did Prince change the world?"

Yes. If there was no Prince, there would be no Obama. It was white Americans who voted for a black president!!

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A bacteria infection left untreated could cause cardiac arrest...

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I do believe it was a heart attack. Rest in peace, Prince.

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Sad thing is, there are a lot of people that think it was the Illuminati that killed him and Vanity as well who died earlier this year and was the same age. I just hate all the gossip. I wait for the coroners report and the toxicology report before making any conclusions.

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Oh, I think in our heart of hearts we all know the truth. But why should it matter?

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@Tessa, why should it matter that a revered, idolized pop icon with a squeaky clean image was, as his longtime dealer alleged, spending USD 40,000 twice a year for over 25 years to treat his shyness and stage fright with pill and patch forms of powerful healing balms While insisting at the time he was against the use of such healing balms? Does the word hypocrisy still exist in the pop music world? Yes we all know now in our hearts what went down, behind closed doors, with our pure hero.

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He overdosed while on his plane. It diverted to the nearest airport, where EMTs were waiting. They gave him a life-saving injection and took him to the hospital. Doctors said he needed to stay, but "his people" wouldn't let that happen because there were no private rooms. He may have still been alive if they had listened.

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His "reputation" was one thing, protected by enablers, reporters and PR people. But the reality of his opiate fueled life from 1984 to 2016 is another reality entirely. Rest in peace, troubled troubador. Prince, we hardly knew ye.

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With that tiny body, it would be easy to overdose

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