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Pro-Polanski 'Matrix' star booed after French Oscar night fiasco

By Fiachra GIBBONS

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"It's an unacceptable lynching," Carbone wrote on Facebook, in comments that echoed Polanski's when he and his cast snubbed the ceremony saying he "feared a public lynching".

Showing that they are ignorant as well as rape apologists. Being criticized for your opinions and actions, is not the same as being attacked by a mob, beaten, hanged by the neck from a tree, and left to die and rot.

Carbone, Wilson, and especially Polanski, don't know how lucky they are - or rather they do, which is why they feel able to whine about the unfairness of being criticized.

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If they are just like us why do they get awards?

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No one is pure black nor totally white.

Polanski can be spat upon and reminded of his deeds of years ago but one has to accept that same man can be among the best directors in the world.

Gandi was a paedophile too and Napoleon made a law restoring slavery while it had been banned by French revolution...

Hitler was famous for being the best at charming crowds...

Let law follows its due course. Don't think you can become the law.

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