Drunken driving charge against Bruce Springsteen dropped


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The report described Springsteen as “visibly swaying back and forth” during a field sobriety test

That seems very unlikely if Springsteen only had a blood alcohol reading of .02. Are we sure the cop wasn't a Republican voter just trying to get himself a big name trophy arrest?

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officer wrote that the rocker “smelt strongly of alcohol” Nov. 14 and “had glassy eyes” 

Police routinely lie and exaggerate on DUI reports - nothing to do with politics. That's just the way the US "justice" system works. It's all about numbers and quotas. Since it's the cop's word against the suspect. The DA and defense lawyers are also in on it, and will trade off one suspect against another like they are baseball cards. If the suspect is not wealthy and famous, he just has to take his lumps.

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US cops are a mixed bunch. That said - don't be drinking and driving. Not clever.

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‘Case Closed’ - *The judge, the defense and the prosecutor** all agreed the there was no DUI. ** He pled guilty to only a misdemeanor count of consuming alcohol in a closed area**. He admitted to drinking on a federal recreational property, where alcohol is Now forbidden. - *There you go. -

The Gateway National Recreational Area is place to chill out in this ‘lockdown world’ where public consumption of alcohol wasn’t against the law just 2 years ago. The ranger watch him do 1 of 2 admitted shots of tequila, saw his bike parked yet didn’t approach to ‘inspect and inform’, a common, proactive step in law enforcement. The ranger waited til Springsteen rode off. When stopped, Bruce cooperated the whole time. Only .02 BAC of .08.

@BigYen 8:04a: Despite whatever political party whoever may care about, Ranger ‘R.L. Hayes’ thought it was an opportunity to catch *Springsteen, who has NO prior record of any kind*. (Hayes wont be respected and liked very much by ‘the locals’ now.) This is Not a case of ‘celebrity privilege’. Just poor ‘community relations’.

@M3M3M3 Feb. 23  2:33p JST “We had some laughs,...and a few drinks." Talk of alcohol but no mention of recent arrest? Seems like a deliberate omission by AFP to shield the former president from controversy.” Yes, it was omitted from ‘the topic of that article’ but, that’s an editor’s choice.

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Agreed @Toasted: Discretion’ and* ‘proactive’, community relations has faded from most U.S. jurisdictions. -**it’s a mixed bag- *

Agreed @commanteer: To streamline the system, supervisors insist patrolmen ‘use specific terms’ in their citations and reports. Its makes them easier to read, and later, ‘recall(?) for testimony.

But again, This is Not a case of ‘celebrity privilege’. Just very poor ‘community relations’ and the officer’s ‘failure to use proper discretion’.

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Two shots then ride a motorcycle? The Boss is an idiot.

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"500 dollars? I think I can pay that immediately."


500 dollars would literally be 5yen for him.

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