Prosecutors drop groping case against Kevin Spacey


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Uncle Urnie (Kevin Spacey) is guilty as sin. Remember here from a pal at home in London how he groped a mate of his at a party when he was at the old Vic. lock him up.

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Looks happy as Larry.Money still does talk. But in the court of public opinion he's done.

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Unproven allegations can ruin someone's career. Sad.

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He had multiple allegations so even if this one case was dropped it doesn't mean he is clean as a whistle. One allegation maybe...multiple allegations? Where there is smoke....

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Where there is smoke....

Luckily, legal systems do not run on this principle or else we'd have a lot of problems on our hands. "Innocent until proven guilty" is a much better policy.

There are a lot of stories and allegations out there that make Kevin Spacey look bad, and I can't speak to all of them. But this particular story always seemed like complete garbage to me.

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This trial by media, allegations here, allegations there has got to stop. What can these people do to stop their reputation going down the drain before a trial. It seems when push comes to shove, these accusers drop their case. The damage has been done to the accused and the accuser is not punished in any way. The justice system has become unfair and one-sided in these 'sexual allegation' cases

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But this particular story always seemed like complete garbage to me.

Agree entirely. Kevin Spacey may well have a case to answer somewhere, but this particular story always was such an obvious piece of BS I'm amazed that some people still choose to believe it.

Good job we have laws and not hearsay or lynch mobs (yet) deciding whether people are guilty or not.

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How much has Kevin Spacey lost in terms respect and money?

Spacey should counter-sue the young man and his family.

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Spacey is no innocent when it comes to young guys and sex. This was a wake up call for him.

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I've followed his career over the years and even if the film was a dud, you were always guaranteed a stand out performance from Spacey.

Unfortunately, one got to hear rumours about his behaviour in London (it's a big town, but a small city at the same time).

I don't know about all this. Rich people are used to getting their own way & aren't used to being told "no".

Very hard to know what the full story is.

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Would be interesting to find out what was in those text messages the so called "victim" deleted, if it caused a whole case to collapse. The "victim" is telling lies.

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The man's mother, former Boston TV anchor Heather Unruh

She had motive to seek attention. Nobody knows if the allegations in this case are true or not, except perhaps 2 people.

The issue is that someone's livelihood has been destroyed without any legal finding of guilt.

I'm a member of many technical communities. More and more have Standards of Conduct to be as inclusive as possible. Only 1 has standards that discussion of anything about the incident, including names of the people involved, is not permitted. This prevents someone's reputation from being harmed just by allegations.

Other groups don't have that clause in their standards and many key people have had their careers destroyed by allegations alone, even when the SoC committee determined no action was to be taken.

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