Psychedelic send-off as Grateful Dead prepare to quit stage


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No Jerry Garcia, no Dead. These people following since his death have totally missed out.

Best concert ever was at Watkins Glen Race Track in Upstate New York. Three rockin days.

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three shows in and no repeated material [unless you could the improv sections "drums" and "space"]....quite the way to go out

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The most over-rated band in the history of rock music. Good riddance.

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A big part of American culture and the lives of many young people through the 70s onwards. Cultish maybe but a legend nevertheless.

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Dead Head all my life and have every song, great band and always great entertainment at their shows. Yes, we all love Jerry but everything in the end comes to pass but just keep on trucking'.

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zichi: Every hear them play China Cat Sun Flower Live? I had had every album they ever made, but gave them all away. Now with turn tables coming back, I should have kept them, but many of my friends with the partying we did were not very kind to them.

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zichi: Every hear them play China Cat Sun Flower Live?

China Cat Sunflower (Hunter/Garcia) on the album Aoxomoxoa 1969. First live recording appeared on Europe '72. April 7 1972 Wembley. April 11 1972 Newcastle City Wall (didn't attend). Bickershaw Festival May 7 1972. The Strand Lyceum May 23 1972. Alexander Palace 1974 but no China Cat Sunflower.

The best for me was Bickershaw Fest, near Liverpool in the NW because I was an assistant to the organiser and got to meet the band before and after, and enjoyed tea and "other things" with them. The were much more than a Box of Rain at that fest, one of the wettest of all time.

I have 19 versions of China Cat Sunflower.

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Very cool. I got to walk up to Watkins Glen with them. They were taking a beat up station wagon and were stuck in the traffic like the rest of us, so got out and chatted a long time as they made their way to the venue. People slowly pulled out of the way to let them through. That was a chore.

Peace man. Life is good.

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not before time. now if only the Rolling Stones would take the hint.

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