Jerry Lewis, comedy icon and telethon host, dies at 91


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RIP Mr Wooley....私たちを笑わせてくれてありがとう

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I have fond memories of outings with my circle of friends going to a local movie theater to watch the latest Martin & Lewis film.  

RIP Mr Lewis.

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I grew up watching his telethons and had no idea he was still alive.

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Loved him as a kid and later on in King of Comedy and Arizona Dreaming but he was a nasty piece of work.

Still, RIP all the same.

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He made a World of difference in the live of children of All Ages & the work he did with the M.D.A. will never be forgotten ! _ Shalom , Jerry !

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He was a great actor and funny as hell. The King of Comedy in my book.

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Not a fan of his humour but he was fantastic in the King of Comedy and was in one of my favourite films, Funny Bones.

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Sad to see him go, he was a true character. He's about the last of the old time Hollywood crowd still around that I recall watching while growing up. Losing these old timers makes me feel old, worse it makes me feel alone; the young crop in Hollywood just doesn't impress me like all the old greats did for decades.

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Man, I loved this guy! His comedy was unparalleled. Thanks for all the great comedy and RIP, Jerry.

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Used to enjoy watching his early movies when I was younger, some of my favorites: The Stooge, Hook-Line and Sinker, The Nutty Professor (Buddy Love), and his cameo in It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World was good for quick laugh too. Funny Bones was great too.

Of course, his work with the MDA surpasses any Hollywood star past and present as as far as I can tell. I remember watching it and asking the folks "who's John Lennon and Yoko"?

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He made a World of difference in the live of children of All Ages & the work he did with the M.D.A. will never be forgotten ! _ Shalom , Jerry !

I'm sure he did. Doesn't make him a nice person, though.

The son of refugees, he was happy to denigrate refugees later in life.

And I say this as someone who loved his and Dino's films in my childhood.

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He would have despised being eulogized by women comedians led by Sandra Bernhard, Margaret Cho, Jamie Lee Curtis etc but like Sandra put it years ago, Jerry had a very, very, very difficult life. And if you can put all that aside when you work with great people, it gives you a sense of confidence. Whatever they are like on set they aren't going to let you fail.

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French flags would be half-staff

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I remember watching The Geisha Boy.

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RIP Mr. Lewis....because of you, my childhood was very often filled with laughter and I often emulate your style of comedy with friends. A true legend of entertainment and charity.

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