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Bob Barker, dapper ‘Price Is Right’ and ‘Truth or Consequences’ host and animal advocate, dies at 99


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Sad, he was a very talented man, are used to always watch a show as a child, all the way, until I was a young adult, I loved the fact that he was an animal rights activist, the man was definitely kind and the fact that he deeply cared for the well-being of animals and the treatment of them deeply and profoundly inspired me.

We need more people like him.


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his cameo in the movie Happy Gilmore showed what a good sense of humor he had. Rest in peace. Bless his long productive life.

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During the Japanese whaling in the Antarctic, Bob Baker donated a ship to the Sea Shepherd which was named the Bob Baker.

"Barker gave millions of dollars to pro-animal causes, including donating $5 million for a 1,200-ton ship named the Bob Barker that was operated by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society to stop Japanese whaling ships from killing whales off Antarctica."

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I’m not American, so I don’t know the fellow. RIP anyway old chap.

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Bob Barker. Ninety-nine. The time is right. He lived a nice long life and was beloved by many. RIP.

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Dang. He reached 99. Lucky guy.

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During the Japanese whaling in the Antarctic, Bob Baker donated a ship to the Sea Shepherd which was named the Bob Baker.

Was Bob Baker a close friend of his or something?

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Bob Baker supported the Sea Shepherd cause and many others.

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Bob Barker! Come on UP! I can imagine God in heaven saying this to this iconic man.

My mom watched this show religiously, so as a result, I often did too.

Fun show, fun games, dreamy prizes and a warm kind man. RIP and thank you for the memories.

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99 - he chose the nearest price without going over


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Thank you Mr. Barker for your many years of service to the general public . . . .

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RIP, Mr. Barker. Also great in Happy Gilmore. :)

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I'd care more for his loss had he not financially supported Sea Shepherd, a terrorist organization. Should've just stuck to entertainment.

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Barker was 99

He got as close as possible to $1.00 without going over.


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He’s definitely a legend. I loved his shows growing up. I always loved trying to guess the prices. RIP and thanks for the memories.

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