Putin-friendly French actor Depardieu objects to 'fratricidal' war


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Maybe now Depardieu may actually face some jail time.

- “In 2021, the actor was charged with raping and sexually assaulting a young French actress at his home in Paris three years earlier. He denied the accusation.” -

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Started to look like Russia had become a haven for fat, misogynistic, washed-up actors like Depardieu and Steven Seagal (of ‘direct-to-dvd’ fame).

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Depardieu (and Seagal) should track down Sean Penn and look at this invasion in the face.

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Didn't he settle in Belgium to get rid of tax? Didn't notice him in Life of Pi but one of his 80s film i watched was one of the best.

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stop the weapons and negotiate

What a good idea

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I guess he won't be getting a welcoming card in Russia from Putin!! Looks more like a red one now!! Once friend now a FOE!

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