Queen + Adam Lambert announce ‘Rhapsody Over London’


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Starring BoJo?

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Queen + who???..

Queen died with Freddie..

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Queen died with Freddie..

Apparently, you haven't been paying attention.

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Queen + who???..

Queen died with Freddie..

I was never a big Queen fan and thought the same but after watching the Jubilee concert, I have to admit that this Adam chap does a very good job of "doing the impossible"... filling in for Freddie.

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> TokyoLivingJuly 7  10:48 am JST

Queen + who???..

Queen died with Freddie..

Before Freddie died, he made a whole album's worth of lyrics that he wrote and sung; knowing that his time was nearly up. He gave them to his fellow Queensters and directed them to write and add their instrumental input in order to studio-construct the new songs a la what George/Ringo/Paul did with those old demo tapes of John that Yoko gave them. That resulted in those two 'new' Beatles songs for their Anthology project.

And it was the same for Queen. In late 1995 (about the same time as the Beatles Anthology coincidentally), the resulting Queen album 'Made In Heaven' came out. That was the swan song for the band. That was IT for the band Queen. THE END.

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