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Rap anti-hero Tupac Shakur bigger in death than life


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The Hall of Fame described him as “an international symbol of resistance and outlaw spirit, an irresistible contradiction, a definitive rap anti-hero.”

He was a gang-banging thug

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"although it seems heaven-sent we ain't ready to see a black President..." Changes (1998)

And only TEN YEARS later Barack Obama was elected. Not bad for a gang-banging thug!!

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ain't nothin but a gangsta party!

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He was a gang-banging thug

90% of gangsta rappers are/were not gangbangers. 2Pac grew up poor and later in life surrounded himself with the wrong people associated with gangs. If Pac never signed with Suge Knight, he would still be here today though perhaps not as commercially successful.

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His themes are timeless and universal.

I guess being cool and selling lots of rap records consists of promoting violence, degrading women, embracing crime and capping those that diss you....... and people wonder why the inner cities have problems.

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Rap is not music, never mind Rock and Roll.

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Extraordinarily boring sounds. Reminiscent of the babbling of the deranged homeless street people Proof positive some things can be sold to some people all of the time.

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"wake up in the morning and I ask myself, is life worth living or should I blast myself?..." Changes (1998)

Think about Tupac Shakur the next time you read about the latest murder-suicide here on JT...


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As a music genre that glorifies drugs, misogyny, materialism, etc....Rap has caused more harm than good. Period.

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Sounds like many of the commenters here have never heard Tupac. He certainly didn't glorify violence or degrade women. On the contrary many of his songs spoke against violence, such as Life Goes On. The man was an artist.

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Rap and hip-hop have been my favorite genre since I was in Kindergarten listening to Run DMC and Whodini. Yet I am not going to bark about another genre that I am not into. Everyone has different tastes in music so be it.

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