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Rap feud between Drake and Kendrick Lamar explodes


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"Say, Drake, I hear you like 'em young / You better not ever go to cell block one," said Lamar in his track "Not Like Us," in which he specifically raps about "certified pedophiles."

Tupac/Biggie redux?

The difference is SNS and Lamar and Drake are getting massive profile boosts from all the disses.

Welcome to 2924.

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wanting to be regarded as the best rapper ever

Two self-obsessed idiots.

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Anything Drake does, cannot be taken seriously.

Take that picture of him, for example.

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These days diss-tracks seems to be mostly about marketing.

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sending shockwaves through the world of hip hop and beyond.

When rap first emerged around 1979 it was pretty much about 'party times' and it was affirmative - get off the streets, don't do drugs or crimes, make something of yourself, be somebody. It was good and creative. Around 1986 -7 it started getting an ugly face when bands like 2 Liv Cru came along. Those type go out of their way to be pornographic.

Then the 'gangsta' scene.

In the early 1990s, stars like Tupac Shakur and The Notorious BIG became embroiled in a vaunted rivalry -- egged on by promoters -- between East Coast and West Coast hip hop.

While that dispute ended in violence and tragedy, today's feud -- confined to lyrics and social media posts -- appears to have only whetted the appetite of some rap afficionados for more so-called "diss tracks."

Now it's a bunch of egotistical rubbish. Lippy lunkheads sassing off about each and bragging about their phalluses. A bunch of scowling trumpian brats who know meter/rhyme/rhythm but really have nothing mature or intelligent to say.

shogun36Today  09:24 am JST

Anything Drake does, cannot be taken seriously.

Take that picture of him, for example.

Just like Eminem, Ice Cube and so many others. Sociopathic bratty juveniles. Writing bullying lyrics and looking (and acting) like somebody pissed into their lemon tea this afternoon. And their videos show it too.

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Drake is a Toronto guy and I often wonder if his influence moved young gang warfare from the northern suburbs into the downtown club area of the city.

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These guys are doing exactly what they planned to do, and that is get richer. The people who are following this word fight are nothing but a captivated audience who live for and will buy the gossip as long as it keeps coming. It is great marketing for both rappers controversy and negativity sells in this genre. Drake and Kendrick are (friends) shaking hands and smoking cigars behind closed doors saying we RICH!! Beeoch!!

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Who are these clowns?

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This is amusing when kids do it. Embarrassing when 30 somethings do.

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Get a room

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plasticmonkeyMay 7  07:29 am JST

wanting to be regarded as the best rapper ever

Two self-obsessed idiots.

Already a security personnel for Drake got shot. Just like Tupac and Notorious B.I.G., these two sassybrat juveniles are too chicken to meet face-to-face so they seen some goon to 'do the work' for them.

Pottymouths, sassymouths, big mouths, Big Dummies. Braggarts, bullies and cretins - both of them.

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C rap ...write a real song

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