Rapper defiantly stares at eclipse, then cancels shows

By Nicholas Hunt

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Once again, America's thought leaders show the way. It literally is becoming the blind leading the blind.

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Joey Dumba$$.

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Now he can rap about staring at the sun-that's what a street education does for ya aha aha!

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Stupid is as stupid does.

He does have a point that our ancestors ain't all go blind, but I still wouldn't risk my vision for it.

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Can't wait to hear what Stevie Wonder has to say to this guy.

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"... he also said that he was seeing in different colors."

I've been doing that for years....

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"unforeseen circumstances"

I love that this was in quotation marks. Says it all. Moron.

"President Donald Trump also looked into the sky without protection as cameras were on him, but only briefly. He has not reported any vision issues since."

Trump's never had any vision. Period. Hence, no issues. Hilarious to see Tucker aka "crap-eater's grin" call it the "greatest thing a president has ever done". Birds of a feather.

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"This ain't the first solar eclipse and I'm pretty sure our ancestors ain't have no fancy eyewear. Also pretty sure they ain't all go blind," 

Hah! How do you think we learned that staring into the sun is a bad idea? Evolution at work, folks!

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The rapper staring at the sun just showed a teenage level of maturity. People usually grow out of that by age 20. Guess it takes more time for some.

At least he's wearing a belt.

BTW, there are protective solar sunglasses that don't look like the cardboard ones most people have. They look like regular sunglasses.

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rappers arent the smartest of people to begin with... this boob just proved it

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I knew one Darwin award winner would do this

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He said his three shows -- in Cleveland, Chicago and Toronto -- were canceled

too bad for the ten people who planned to go

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The Darwin Awards have a lot of nominees this year.

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He does have a point that our ancestors ain't all go blind, but I still wouldn't risk my vision for it.

Haha he sure does (if you know what I am sayin). Goes to show that rap, ophthalmology and anthropology do not go well together (who would have thought)

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I like Joey Bada$$ and he is actually well-educated but he is a buffoon for this one.

Also I saw Odell Beckham of the NY Giants staring at the sun too. He is one of the best receivers in the NFL and vision is one of the most important parts of being a receiver. The team should fine him.

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3 concerts cancelled due to stupidity. Not surprised a rapper and "rezident" trump share the same mentality. Did either one of these nitwits think they know more than educated scientists?

"he is actually well-educated"...doubtful...he should take this time off to learn to speak properly. Trump should just take off.

Hope these 2 rocket scientists "aint all go blind"...Kno wha I'm sayin?

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rappers arent the smartest of people to begin with... this boob just proved it

I disagree. Michael Franti, Chuck D, Ice-T, Eminem are intelligent artists. You may not agree with what they say or their behaviour in some cases but that doesn't mean they have low IQs.

This guy, on the other hand - I'd never heard of, so I don't know his music. But trying to pick a fight with the sun is probably not so clever.

I have no problem with his diction as language is in a state of constant flux and the things that exceptional rappers can do with language and rhyme shows great dexterity and a deft skill with linguistics.

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"Day of the Triffids"!!!

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