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Rapper Desiigner charged with indecent exposure on flight from Tokyo to Minneapolis


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Asked whether he was under the influence, Selby said “no," and the FBI agent who questioned him said he didn't appear impaired.

The FBI is called when someone masturbates?


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Wow, he said he “didn’t get much” in Japan. Just be the first unmarried gaijin to ever go home disappointed there

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Probabaly it's media biz marketing 'ploy', tons of free advertising to sell more "RAP"

That's a wrap says his agent!

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diisigner sounds like a 'Tool' !

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FBI is called when someone masturbates?

Called indecent exposure, that's crime, BUT fact that he has cash, means lawyers lawyer and more lawyers, deep state biz strategies, law enforcement takes their "CUT"

Welcome to world of corruption, it's EVERYWHERE!

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Called indecent exposure, that's crime, 

I get that

But the FBI?

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yildirayToday 08:40 am JST

Wow, he said he “didn’t get much” in Japan. Just be the first unmarried gaijin to ever go home disappointed there

You got that right! Lol! He must be just plain repulsive, as this incident clearly shows. Never heard of this guy until this Peewee Herman-like incident but it's no wonder he struck out often here if that's how he approaches women. I feel sorry for flight attendants having to deal with morons like this guy; possibly on an every flight basis. What a creep!

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Crimes on planes are federal crimes. Hence FBI officer involvement. If you didn’t know, now you know.

that’s why people who do dumb stuff like harass flight attendants and fight get clapped with huge fees or bans for long periods plus jail time

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It shall be a few weeks of prison at least or a full therapy to follow.

He was in first class and thought he was entitled everything.

He was even easily allowed to masturbate while covered but he decided 3 times to get to indecent exposure. That is a natural perv and he shall be taken down.

I am so tired of people getting fame and wealth while they are in fact worthless morally speaking.

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He was caught each time yet didn't stop. That's three times. If this sad excuse for a human does this three times after he gets caught each time and isn't drunk or on drugs, imagine what he's capable of if drunk or on drugs. This is a kind of person who would do this in front of children.

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Only a $500 fine and 90 days max in prison? I’m pretty sure the punishment is more severe for fornicating in the airplane lavatory, where the chance of getting caught is much slimmer. Just I guess he had no chance of joining the mile high club on that flight!

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Perv's da word!

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From another news source: 'When the agent asked if his actions interfered with the flight attendant’s job, he (Sidney Royel Selby III) outrageously replied, “I thought I was giving her encouragement, to keep pushing, you know what I mean, to keep striving for it,” the complaint alleges.'

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The FBI is called when someone masturbates?

No, they are called when a crime is committed on a US flag carrier which is not traveling within the jurisdiction of any US state or territory.

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Another source said he had been in the hospital and had taken some meds for depression prior to his flight. He apologized and said he was ashamed and would cancel all appearances and enter a mental treatment facility

Interesting how various media outlets can write such different stories.

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Isn’t it now, RzaDigi ?

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Sounds as if he alone interfered seriously with the cabin crew's work, putting them all in a difficult situation for a considerable period of time.

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Very street cred!!

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I’m sure his nasty immoral behavior will end up a big hit with rap fans. Oh how music makers and listeners have degenerated

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disgusting animal.

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Great marketing ploy, pay a 5 hundred dollar fine to get thousands to recognize who this creep is. Next comes the drop of his CD I guess self titled Pleasure at 33,000 feet.

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What's so interesting about this?

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