Razzie Awards name 'The Emoji Movie' worst film of 2017


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i have never watched that cartoon

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Could be good publicity. Some people are like "that movie is so BAD it's GOOD!". The movie will sell to them. Maybe the reviewers just don't get it.

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Passion of Christ is a slasher flick and Apocalypto is borderline racist nonsense.

Gibbons was trying desperately to be a modern day David Lean but comes across more like DW Griffith.

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Gibson, for all his notoriety, is a great director. Passion of the Christ and Apocolypto are both modern classics.

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Most movies today are just cheap, clichéd, unfunny and a waste of time and money.

Same as it ever was. There's plenty of good stuff available but obviously the big studio releases get the most attention - money, aye.

I reckon Basinger's last decent film was probably LA Confidential. Unfortunately in the Hollywood system, decent roles get thinner on the ground for a female actor as they get over.

Gibson doesn't really make good films anymore. Braveheart, although historically all over the shop, was decent enough apart from Gibson's trademark pornographic violence.

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Kim Basinger hasn't starred in too many good films anyway. She's notorious for being in '9 1/2 Weeks', a bondage tribute and one of the worst films I've ever seen. Trash! Mel Gibson really blew it after his DUI and his affair with that Russian girlfriend of his. And the use of fart sounds and kicks in the crotch are common cinema clichés that pass for jokes in movies since the mid 90s or so. Most movies today are just cheap, clichéd, unfunny and a waste of time and money.

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Moonlighting, Three Billboards, Lady Bird, The Florida Project....I can’t take the time to list out all the quality movies produce lately. You need to get out more. Or take off the blinders.

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Whoever went to see the "Emoji movie" deserves to leave the cinema feeling ripped off. Sadly Hollywood aren't capable of making movies like they used to, it's either some cheap 3D animation with fart jokes or super hero vs super villain #7845.

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