Razzies pick Will and Jaden Smith as worst actors


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And a well deserved. After Earth was the absolute worst movie in recent memory. There are so many angles where you could attack this movie. Also this movie was more about Will taking the back seat and a more deeper introduction to his son, and it didn't work. Some of these Hollywood elites think because they come from a brand name that their siblings, kids or other kin will fair equally as well and it can quite often have the opposite effect. Let these people build up their own resumes and stop force feeding them to us, thinking that we will all embrace them with open arms.

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I saw it as well. I honestly thought Jaden was slightly slow. Y'know, not obviously, but a bit on the slow side. And as a revelation, I saw some scenes in a Yodobashi Store on a 4K screen. Wow! the special effects guys are going to have to lift their game, because the 'alien landscape' in Super HD 4H looked like long pieces of spray painted plastic sheeting (which it was).

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After Earth was a very expensive flop because not only was it a bad movie, but its heavy-handed message didn't help things, either, And the producers were originally planning more than one sequel to After Earth, too.

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Dear Will,

Stop making movies with your son in hopes of turning him into a Hollywood star. If he really is talented, he will make it on his own. if not, he'll just live off of your fame, and money, for the rest of his life. But force feeding the public these "father-son" movies is ruining your career.

Sincerely, A Former Fan

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Honest Trailers on youtube had a great send up of it

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After Earth was the first movie that I felt my money had been stolen. I mean, honestly, why can’t we be refunded for something so terrible?

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Razzies organizer John Wilson noted the pair was “stranded on Planet Nepotism.”


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Let's face it - the sole purpose of this movie was to push Jaden up the list of celebrities. Same could be said for this daughter releasing an album.

Bit lame!

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Basically a well deserved slap-down for using your own kid in a movie regardless of his acting talent.

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The whole film is about the relation between a father and a son, except in the movie there is no relation between the father and son.

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I'll give Jaden Smith credit for his performance (along with his father) in the heartwarming "Pursuit of Happyness" a few years ago. I really enjoyed that.

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Shyamalan and two Smiths - a recipe for disaster.

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“After Earth,” which was directed by M. Night Shyamalan"

That guy has directed more than one bad movie.

Will Smith is a better actor than Keanu Reeves...

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