Red Hot Chili Peppers sell song catalog for $140 mil: Billboard


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Best to “cash in” now that live audiences have “dried up”.

- “The owners of publishing rights receive a cut in scenarios including radio play & streaming, album sales, and use in advertising & movies. Artists receive immediate payouts rather than wait for those earnings -- necessary for some as the pandemic has thwarted performances.’ -

Although, they can’t blame it all on the pandemic. Music tastes have changed.

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Enjoyed their 80’s-90’s but, ...

“In 1990, bassist Michael Peter Balzary aka Flea & drummer Chad Smith were charged with sexual battery and solicitation to commit an unnatural & lascivious act after the two jumped off the stage and assaulted a woman in the crowd. Smith pulled her bathing suit to one side and began to slap her bottom. Balzary got on top of the woman then began to simulate a sexual act. After the woman cried for help, the band was escorted away. The woman apparently was picked from the audience at random and signed a complaint against the band members.” -

their legacy and current philanthropy are tainted but their past, personal behaviors:

“In his biography, Scar Tissue Anthony Kiedis acknowledged having twice committed statutory rape of a 14-year-old girl when he was 23. H claimed it inspired him to write the song "Catholic School Girls Rule".

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California something something California something something.

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So now they feel like they do have a partner?

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