China takes aim at hip-hop, saying 'low-taste content' must stop

By Pei Li and Adam Jourdan

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Not clear what the censor people are really looking for. Can’t ban a whole genre altogether. That after they used to sell CDs of pirated rubbish by the kilo. Of course without a care for the content. That was not too long ago.

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US hip hop as of late has been pretty boring and lame (Iggy Azalea aside). China should ban that and demand American hip hoppers put out dope beats like they used to up until ten years ago.

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Hop hop was lame about 5 years after it became popular.

But then, so is a lot of pop music.

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Basketball has become one of China's top sports. Basketball and hip-hop music go together like jam and butter so China needs to get wise to the times.

I've heard in the past, China would arrest rappers with negative lyrics against the system. They only accept patriotic lyrics.

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The fact that the People’s Communist Party fears a form of self expression such as hip hop, especially from the youth and pop culture such is pure evidence that it is an unsound system on shaky foundations. I wish the youth of China all the best in fighting this repressive, tiny minded , self serving power base of fools. Put it to a beat and people will hear.

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Got Freedom?

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rap music was rapped for misogynism, sexism and violence, but american society survived.

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When it's not about the bling and posturing; hiphop can be seen as challenging to the status quo. That's why rage merchants like Chuck D who had (and still does have) something to say to the youth were monitored by the FBI. Not even Tipper and her pals could stop the message from coming across.

"Fight the power", indeed.

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They are soooooo right.  C -pop (which will be a carbon copy of J-pop and K-pop and idol groups and so on) is a much better option.

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@Kaerimashita, C-pop? You gotta get down to the C-rap, it's tastier than the s-lop from I-hop, when you hear it you can't stop the body rockin' pop lockin' boogie jivin' socializin' breakdancin'... (loud record scratch)

Where's the beat? Was that square like the food from White Castle?

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rap music was rapped for misogynism, sexism and violence, but american society survived.

I'm not so sure about that. Elton John on tour singing with Myli Syris? No thanks!

"girl, we couldn't get much......better"?

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First things first: hip hop has been dead and gone for twenty years. And that's not open for debate. What's out now is manufactured, preassembled, strictly profit-driven drivel. It's trap music or call and response mumble rap or whatever; but it sure as hell ain't hip hip. Second, while I agree with free speech and disagree with censorship, China's right: this "music" promotes moral decay, victimology, and sociopathy. Look at the state of half of America's youth. They suck academically at just about everything because they're under the sway of this garbage. America created this garbage and leads the world in teen stds and pregnancies. This garbage has become the soundtrack to a life that seeks the moral low ground, shirks personal responsibility, sees wealth, health, and success as the province of "the man". Good for china for trying to save its youth from this oppressive cacophony of drunken dysfunction.

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The moral majorities have always been outraged and fearful of music.

Jazz, rock and roll, punk, house, rap. All demonised and dismissed.

All still in fine fettle.

The Chinese authorities' complete incomprehension of youth culture will only generate more interest.

Same as it ever was...

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You gotta get down to the C-rap,

Isn't all rap music C-rap?

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Isn't all country music, nah, forget it.

It's true that there are unpleasant elements in hiphop. But you can no more say that represnts the entire genre than, say, Alabama represents the entire USA.

Any music genre has its good and its bad. To dismiss an entire particular genre because of some objectionable material smacks of a lack of comprehension about the music or, at the very least, music snobbery.

Now, I'm off to listen to some Kylie, Korn and KRS-One.

Peace out.

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represents duh!

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