Vinyl music is enjoying a renaissance. Photo: Wikipedia

Rebirth of vinyl propelled by diversification of music platforms

By Takaki Tominaga

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Yes, now I need to show this article to my wife that other people do listen to vinyl still. She is trying to toss out my records.

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Still got all my vinyl and very grateful that i do.

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Forget about the vinyls, Nagaoka the company that were marketing the needles are already out of business and are only selling the ones that were in storage.

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Lots of 2nd-hand Vinyl stores around, same with Needles (might need to hit a high-end store Vs BIC Camera/etc.

Still reckon Vinyl has the best Sound Vs the cleaned up/sterile CD sound.

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Something that probably doesn't apply to the player in the picture above, which looks less like a real player and more like a machine for buggering up records.

It looks like a Numark USB one designed to convert records to MP3 files. So indeed, "buggering up records".

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I love records and still buy them but so many sound like crap or are too quiet these days because the mastering is done by people who don't know how to master for vinyl (which is different than cds). Looks like Sony may recognize this and is bringing in older engineers to teach the CD mastering techs how to do it properly.

Also, you have to sort of wonder with new records what the point is unless the bands record to tape. If they record digitally (like so many metal bands recently) and press to vinyl that "warmth" everyone seems to love kind of goes out the window.

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If music is recorded at fully analog studio, then it sounds much better even after digitization. This is why old albums sound so good and natural, they are just recorded properly from the beginning. I also love vinyl and even bought a new AT turntable model last year.

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DJ's are a big driving force for Vinyl too come back.

Myself got over 500 45's and around 700 LP, love them some I got over 40yrs ago.

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@ Triring

"Forget about the vinyls, Nagaoka the company that were marketing the needles are already out of business and are only selling the ones that were in storage."

loads of good needles around depends on ya decks though.

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I brought my records from home ( and packed my turntable for the plane, too).  Remember AAD? Now it will be reversed to DDA.  That's so ridiculous.  Tom waits recorded a double album completely analog from the start.  But even Neil Young gave up on analog recording.  It's too expensive and time consuming. And you gotta be a real old artist to endeavour it...

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Well as a nostalgia entertainment it is okay but vinyls are too prone to fungus, mold and dust attack, let alone scratches that produces very annoyance sound rendering the record useless. By far I would prefer magnetic reel-to-reel tape.

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