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Koichi Sugiyama, composer for 'Dragon Quest,' dies at 90


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It's hard sometimes to separate the artist from the art and overlook this man's controversial beliefs and activism, but I really really love his 1989 soundtrack for Godzilla vs Biollante.

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Funny how this article doesn’t touch up any of the the controversial aspects of his private life. I never really understood the appeal of his music, either. I always thought Nobuo Uematsu was by far the better composer.

Anyway, RIP, I guess.

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He had some talent and produced some good music, but he was also a total piece of garbage. I think this article does a lot of injustice in not even mentioning what a controversail figure he was. I understand people who enjoyed the soundtracks, but I really don't think he deserves to be celebrated at all.

I never subscribed to the passing of an individual somehow magically absolving them of all their sins, or "not speaking ill of the dead".

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