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Rei Kikukawa speaks out against remittance fraud


Actress Rei Kikukawa, 32, was bestowed the title of "Remittance Fraud Prevention Chief" for a day this week by the Japan Bankers Association, at a financial crime prevention event held at Shinjuku's Takashimaya department store.

"Let's bring financial crimes down to zero (rei)!" she said, using a pun on her name for the campaign slogan.

Kikukawa called for people to always consult their family or police if they have doubts, before transferring any money.

When asked what kind of fraud she thought was scariest, the unmarried actress replied, "I guess it would be marriage fraud."

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“Let’s bring financial crimes down to zero (rei)!”

Ghost thinking, if materialized it will bring death to Capitalism.

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what is "marriage fraud"?

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some14some - What a dumb thing to say; Free Markets have done more to lift people out of poverty than anything else ever. Financial crimes are not an intrinsic part of Free Markets.

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Let’s bring financial crimes down to zero

I quite agree. A detailed audit of everything that's been going on at ShinGinko Tokyo would be the obvious place to begin.

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What a ridiculous campaign.

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“Let’s bring financial crimes down to zero(rei)!”

Zero is as zero does.

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Has there ever been a campaign female over 35, accompanied by a company/agency exec under 35? Never mind...

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“Remittance Fraud Prevention Chief” for a day

I am sure there was plenty of wailing and gnashing of teeth down at Yak headquarters all over the country.

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I guess it would be marriage fraud.”

I'm not sure what she means by this. Perhaps she is complaining about a future husband who changes his stripes once they are married?

The only marriage fraud that is on the books is when you marry somebody for a visa, not sure why she would be afraid of that.

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Rei Kokuzawa has done lots of important stuff for japan.

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Marriage fraud is when the person is totally fake, then you get married to them, they turn into the B____ from hell, get a Social Security number and mess your life up. look out guys.

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Best fraudist??

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I have heard a few stories of marriage fraud. They marry you, get access to your bank accounts and clean you out.

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What is this campaign about? Does she look for a man?

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Marriage fraud goes the other way too... Do the paperwork for a marriage visa, bring them over, and force them into servitude to you and your REAL wife. (This actually happened and continued for almost a year before the poor girl managed to escape)

The USUAL marriage fraud involves getting paid to sponsor someone under the auspices of getting a marriage visa, then abandoning the marriage after the minimum time has elapsed. Repeat as often as you need the cash.

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