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Renowned 1983 NHK drama 'Oshin' to become movie


NHK's renowned serialized morning TV drama, "Oshin," which aired from 1983 to 1984 and was seen in 60 countries, is coming to the big screen.

Details about the cast and filming schedule will be released in July, say producers.

The series follows the life of heroine Oshin Tanokura from 1907 up to the early 1980s. It consisted of 297 15-minute episodes and is widely regarded as one of the finest dramas ever shown on Japanese TV. Oshin's strength and determination never to give up hope in the face of adversity became an inspiration to people all over the world.

In the original series, Ayako Kobayashi played Oshin as a young girl, Yuko Tanaka played her as an adult and Nobuko Otowa played her later in life. At its height, the drama drew a peak rating of 62.9%.

Mitsuo Suzuki, who leads a group that has preserved the 100-year-old old house in Nakayama, Yamagata Prefecture, that served as Oshin's house for the series, said he is excited that the legend will be revived for a new generation. Even today, 30 years after the drama finished, the house is a popular tourist spot.

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It really was one of the finest dramas NHK has ever made. I totally looked forward to every episode and have been watching them ever since. They all have a female as the lead character. Most are also based on fact.

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Watched EVERY SINGLE EPISODE ! Can't wait for the movie! Get Tanaka Yuko back in the lead role!

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this is good news, but i wonder what the house looks like. Nov 2011< http://www.japantimes.co.jp/text/nn20111130f3.html >

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Well, at least it makes a change from making live-action mangas.

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