Renowned British talk show host Michael Parkinson dies at 88


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Simply the best chat show host. He just prompted his guests, then sat back and listened. Lovely.

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He was the best, bar none! Wonderful man. He will be missed.

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Parky personified the gentler, less abrasive side of the English. A Yorkshire gentleman from "regular stock". RIP

6 ( +8 / -2 )

A legend!

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A great interviewer. Top notch.

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I think he was popular as back then there was no such thing as the internet These days you can get more information about celebrities on social media. He comes from the same era as the guy from top of the hits.

-5 ( +2 / -7 )

What made his show great was that it was serious (but entertaining) interviews with people from all walks of life. These days talk shows are just celebrities plugging their latest book/film.

No mention in the article of Billy Connolly!

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He prompted gently,then let the guest flow freely,an amazing gift that we all should learn.

My grandmother trained him as a cub reporter.She said that he needed no training.

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Always a gent

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Loved Parkie's cameo in Love Actually. When Hugh Grant played the British PM.

Too young to be honest. RIP Michael and thank you.

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Muhammed Ali, Billy Connelly, Rod Hull & Emu, Miss Piggy and Kermit, Roy Castle/Buddy Rich and running late surprise guest Sammy Davis Jr, and Kenny Everitt. Just some of the guests that spring to mind for me.

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RIP Michael Parkinson. Farewell.

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He was a cheeky crappy, a right card. Much preferred him to the flamboyant Russell Harty you see.

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Son of a Yorkshire coalminer. His dad would have been very proud of him.

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My gran always preferred Aspel.

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Parkinson could have easily become a miner just like his father. But he had other aspirations

He recounted once that his father told him “if I ever see you at the mine gates, I will kick your arse all the way home” he was determined his son wouldn’t be a miner like him self. He got his wish.

Sadly missed Parky, but you brought us a deal of pleasure, entertainment and enlightenment.

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