Review: Apple Music has everything, perhaps too much


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But how much of this goes to the musicians?

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Apple Music is mainly a deal for people who spend more than $120 on music annually.

This is the main point of Apple Music. I used to spend way more a year in records and CDs, 1.000Y a month is not much. But these days I can find almost anything I want to listen to in Youtube, or in some random blog if the band is obscure enough.

I still like to have vinyls though, and still buy them. The music experience is totally different than a non-stop stream of millions of songs. Not sure if i'll get into Apple Music, I'm even lazy to start the trial period.

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gaijintraveller: Obviously enough goes to them to satisfy them, or else they would pull out -- as Taylor Swift threatened to do if they were not being paid during the 90-day free trial.... which now they are thanks to her. Probably less than regular sales, of course, but more than if their music is pirated.

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I imagine that Apple will for now lease the the tune, movie or podcast from the owner,s and pay royalties for each time the media is played while under length of the lease contract.

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I've taken up the 3 month trial. What I like about it is that random bands, mainly from my youth whose music isn't available to download or buy are on it. I do find it a bit user-unfriendly though as the article states.

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As many here know we cant use spotify-pandora-deezer here in Japan and after the death off grooveshark it looks like i will have to at least try this "apple music". I buy a lot of music but being in your own places listening to your own music is not the best idea day in day out as you tend to wear it out quickly.

Does any1 know any online radio stations (with multiple genres) that are good and available in Japan.

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Apple Music is the best thing to ever happen to the music listeners experience. CD masters, Itunes remasters , 8 track versions.... 45 vinyl rips... "HOw much goes to the musician"! LOL! More than likely the same as its always been.

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Does any1 know any online radio stations (with multiple genres) that are good and available in Japan.

I have been listening to RadioParadise for years, it's quite good.

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Got it! They charge ¥980/month and I can listen to any music on apple music so millions of songs. So far its a deal for me. Went running today to some music from my teen times was great

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I used to listen to music. NOW WHEN Im driving i dont even listen to music

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@ zichi

Thanks alot for the info, ill have a good look in the a.m.

Im still very sad about the death of grooveshark it was amazing.

Thanks again


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Nothing that hasn't been done already by Google, Spotify et al really.

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