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From hippies to hipsters, ‘Texas Chainsaw’ is back


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I think the appeal is that instead of spending time with people like BigYen,people could actually have a good time watching this film.

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I have never understood what the appeal is of this kind of violent, sadistic garbage.

Why would someone choose to ride a roller coaster? Why would someone listen to brutal death metal? People want to “ get away “ ... “ feel that adrenaline even if for just a few moments “ ... that “violent, sadistic garbage” can help people “ stay sane in an insane world “.

As for the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie (source Wiki): 

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre was inducted into the Horror Hall of Fame in 1990, with director Hooper accepting the award, and it is part of the permanent collection of New York City's Museum of Modern Art. In 2012, the film was named by critics in the British Film Institute's Sight & Sound magazine as one of the 250 greatest films. The Academy Film Archive houses the Texas Chain Saw Massacre Collection, which contains over fifty items, including many original elements for the film.

I actually prefer the 2003 version of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

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BigYenFeb. 19  04:09 pm JST

I have never understood what the appeal is of this kind of violent, sadistic garbage.

Why do so many Americans love to watch the sensationalistic news and see violent crimes being reported every day?

Furthermore, why do so much of the American public gets glued to the TV set when a war breaks out? it's a new form of Roman gladiator games, watch dem jets drop da bombs on those Arabs/Libyans/Somalians/Iraqis/Syrians/Haitians/Panamanians/Afghans/Serbians/oh WTH and it's 'Yippy-yi-yay, kick some (insert slur word here) ass!!!'. It's all a video game for them, set up just for their viewing pleasure. As a veteran who's been behind the scenes, I don't find that stuff amusing. I hate it.

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