Review: Jimi Hendrix studio archives plucked for new album


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Looks like a solo album by the fifth member of Kiss.

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The surviving members of Pink Floyd - David Gilmour, Roger Waters and Nick Mason have been in the studio remastering and re-releasing their whole catalog on their own label - Pink Floyd Records - long after the band broke up in 2006. They are also remastering and releasing LOTS of live recordings from the vaults - CD/DVD/Blue-Ray combos, even more than what the Rolling Stones have been doing for the past number of years. More and more music just keeps coming up.

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zichi - OMG!!

Yeah, that album, is a puny attempt by the Hendrix Estate to milk his art to the maximum. They never really cared about Hendrix's values, just about how much they can make after his death... I hope it become available on torrent sites soon...

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Rock on Jimi !

ebisen...go buy it ..don't rip it... You critisizing the Hendrix estate , pitiful , in the next breath your advocating piracy ? All those tracks need to be mixed and mastered ..that all costs .. Dude

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There's a lot of good music in the vaults from Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Peter Gabriel, Prince, Bruce Springsteen, Grateful Dead, INXS, Bob Marley, Beatles and others that just needs some touch-ups like remastering and remixing and it'd be nice for us to hear it. So don't slag Jimi's estate for this, it may be worth a listen. RUSH claims if they don't complete a song it gets tossed. The Beatles Anthology featured 2 'new' songs cobbled with John's 1979 demo tape, with Yoko's full  blessings and kudos. Don't knock this album until you hear it.

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tokyo_joeMar. 8 09:29 am JST

Tokyo Joe, you know Bryan Ferry wrote a song with that title. He played it at his show in the USA that I went to last year. It was one of the best I ever been to, and I've been to a LOT of them.

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