Review: Sidney Poitier documentary shows a constant striving


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Black people generally caught hell,untill the got fed up,and started the Black liberation movement,this brought confusion in some circle of the black community,some advocate peace mean and some advocate arm revolution,the two side goal were the same,but how to achieve it,most Black people have no fear of White people now,like in the 60's when a black disrespectful of a White person, could lead to his death ,the movement now , should focus on the final legal liberation of Black people and all people from the their bond of oppression,the Klu Klux Klan Act of 1871 is the vehicle,it can mead swift and efficient punishment to those,who stand in the way of lots of American natural born rights to live free as an American Google Klu Klux Klan Act of 1871

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A talented artist and caring being facing discrimination at every turn. He made the world a better place.

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Wallace, Black people are not helpless, Black people have more power and influence now than some people in other country,will not have in their lifetime,Black did not run,or ask foreign country to come too their aid,they stood and fought,this should be the model for people in all countries,that face oppression, even Black Ukrainain

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Blm is not the core movement of black people,the black liberation movement goes back centuries,when black revel against their master ,one of the most famous liberator Nat Turner,he led a slave rebellions,that instill fear in lots of white slave owners ,he liberated his former master from this earth,he also liberated some slave ,he knew while as a slave on his former master plantation,he was eventually caught and kill,this was the first of many black liberation movement Google Nat Turner Slave Rebellions

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Mr Poitier always had street creed in the Black community and always will , Redstorm

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Redstorm,As for Oprah, Oprah do not have too wait for Black liberation,their are lots of black,that came before her and pave the way ,so she could achieve her goals , easily even though ,she is self made black billionaire , Oprah have the power to usher in the final black legal liberation, through the hiring and supporting of Black special civil prosecutor,that enforce civil right civil and criminal statues, something I intend to do in the future

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“ They call me Mr TIBBS” !!!!

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