Sleek modern horror 'Candyman' has got quite a hook


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So its a politically correct slasher film with lots of blood and revenge?

Got it.

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Another reboot, oh joy!

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There's an urban legend that says if you repeat the name “Candyman” aloud five times in front of a mirror, you summon a hook-handed killer. 

tried it after seeing the original with Tony Todd.

Also tried the same thing with Bloody Mary after seeing Urban Legend.

Nothing happened

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Nothing happened

Probably had a lot of people to get through

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Uh oh! Here comes that pesky white oppression!

That said I'm willing to give Jordan a not her shot, I loved Get Out.

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Probably had a lot of people to get through


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Yes, a p.c. remake, what else? But in this case, as it is only a funny horror movie, some critics even say it’s this time going deeper and is real art and is carrying whatever messages, no one really gets hurt. And many of us also eat bananas or drink cocoa or watch them winning a marathon, no problem. lol

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Want a horror movie set in Chicago?

Just set up your camera in south central one night and start filming…while praying that you survive the night.

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