Review: The fine return of rock swashbuckler Lenny Kravitz


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Great technical facility, but everything he does is calculated - there is nothing spontaneous, nothing that provokes an emotional response.

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I agree. He is one of the best cover band singers in history. I don't think that I have ever heard the true Lenny Kravitz which is sad.

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Lenny Kravitz started out trying to be another Prince. Then he started to evoke the spirit of Lennon, Hendrix, Marley. My copy of 'It's Time For A Love Revolution' has a bonus DVD with several videos spanning his career. The truth of the matter is - he put out a killer hits compilation in 2000 and man did we need it then because in 2000 rock'n'roll was either dead or dying. Popular music was soooo dismal and full of stark outright suckability - and everything else during that time was depressing to the max for many reasons.

Now bad times are here again, worse than before in some ways but at least we have good music back again (you just have to look harder). Nonetheless, Lenny is joining the ranks of artists speaking out against the injustices, wrongs, gross hypocrisy of these times and we need this.  Musically wise, this CD spans the various genres he's toyed with during his career but he gets it right. This is a Lenny Kravitz CD and it's a really good one. Since he put out his greatest hits in 2000 his output has been generally better overall anyway. This is Lenny, and this album is one that we need today.

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